Valorant mobile release date|is valorant good?

What is valorant game
Valorant game

Hello everyone, you here because you want to know about the game valorant. After reading this article, I can say that you’ll definitely get your own opinion on this.

What is valorant?  

Valorant is name of a most popular game all around the world and this game became popular before it was release in playstore.

Basically, this game is a FFP game(first-person perspective) and multiplayer shooting action game. This game is not just like other battle royale games. This has unique graphics and has different types of guns, gadgets and so many other gadgets are there, which are close to our future technology.

This game is going to be so popular because of its new concept and you can use your powers by gestures in this game, well it is going to be super fun.

Valorant gameplay:

Valorant is one of those counter strike type of game, but it has a different concept. That is, you’ll play with other players who has their own unique abilities.


After reading all these things, you’ll think that, to play this you’ll need a pc with high-end specs. But no, this game has simple and attractive graphics, so that you can play this game smoothly, even if it is low – medium specs pc also. So, this game is going be a best choice for low budg et gamers.

This game has similar gunplay to CS;GO (counter-strike;global offensive) game. And if you played counter strike before and if you are a fan of cs, then you’ll definitely love this game also. This game is similar counter strike, but it is much better than that.

valorant pc system requirements :

valorant system requirements are listed below in the table.

Hardware requirements





 Minimum (30FPS)Recommended (60FPS)High-end(about 144FPS)
CPUIntel i3-370MIntel i3-4150Intel i5-4460(3.2 GHz)
GPUIntel HD3000GeForce GT730GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

How to download valorant:

The steps to download valorant game in to your pc/laptop is very easy. Don’t worry I’ll provide you the steps about how to download this game into your pc/laptop.

  •  Step 1: open chrome on your laptop/pc.
  •  Step 2: type valorant in the chrome search bar and then search.
  • Step 3: open the website playvalorant, which will in the top of your results.
  • Step 4: after opening, you’ll see a “play now” click on that.
  •  Step 5: then you have to sign into your valorant account, if you are already signed up before.
  • ( If not, create one by pressing on sign up button and then you have to enter your email and you’ll get a verification email. You should verify your email and then you have to create your account)
  •  Step 6: you’ll see “download”, click that. (A small file of 65 mb or above will be downloaded)
  • Step 7: now, install that file by double clicking on that game icon, just like you install any other software on your pc.
  • Step 8: after that, you’ll get to see a valorant icon your pc/laptop screen. Just open it.
  •  Step 9: A popup window will be opened and it will asking you to sign in(sign in with your valorant account), while signing in, a big file will be downloaded.
  • Step 10: now accept their terms and conditions.
  •  Step 11: now click on “play” button.
  • Step 12: now enter your display name and click on confirm.
  •  Step 13: if you see an error like this ” vanguard not initiated” then click on reboot computer.
  • Step 14: after restarting, again open it and signin. Now you can play and enjoy the game.

You can also find some tutorials on how to download and install valorant game in pc/laptop in youtube.

 valorant mobile release date

This is a latest game in the market and it is available in pc from much time before. This game is optimised for low-end specs pc also.

Many games like valorant such as call of duty and many other games has their own versions for mobiles. There are many gamers, who prefers to play games through their mobiles, because we can play this game anywhere we want.

Seeing all these, riot games also planning to bring mobile version of valorant. Hope we could see this game in mobile in coming time. But officially there is no confirmation is there about this. Let’s see what happens.

valorant indian servers:

When it’s comes to game not only system specs matters, but also game servers matters alot. If you have a high end specs pc and the ping your game getting is high, then no matters how good your pc is, the game is going to be lag anyway.

It is always better to have your own location servers and when It comes to india, india has it’s own valorant indian servers located in Mumbai. So, if you play valorant game in india, your ping will be minimum, which is negligible.


In the conclusion i want to say is, valorant game is a good choice, if want play a different FPP shooter game and we will try to update the more information about valorant as long as we know about it. For this information, we have done a lot research and then we are sharing about this game with you.

Thanks alot for who read this article.