Website development: how to discover the best companies?

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Website development is a relevant part of a company’s digital strategy for enabling digital presence, online authority and brand consolidation. As well as, it allows the attraction of visitors, the generation of leads and the conversion of customers, increasing business results.

Despite this importance, many companies still do not see value on the website and opt for amateur services. This choice damages the image and results of the brand, even impacting sales.

Next, find out what aspects to consider when contracting a partner for website development!

9 criteria for choosing the best agency

According to a  study, consumers carry out some type of online survey before making a purchase, either over the internet or in person.

Therefore, the website is the gateway for consumers to learn about the brand and the solutions, products and services offered. That is, it is the first impression that visitors will have of your company.


Therefore, check out essential features that help in the definition of a trustworthy partner for the development of websites.

1. Business briefing

The first factor to be evaluated is whether the company briefs the business before planning and creating the site.

This requirement is essential for the website to meet the needs of the brand’s target audience and be, at least, in the same standard as the competition, adopting the trends of the segment.

Without this prior study, the website becomes generic and inefficient to meet the specific demands of the business.

2. Qualification of professionals

A lot of people don’t know, but a website is not just made by programming professional. Quite the opposite!

A quality website involves the joint and strategic performance of professionals from different areas, such as planning, SEO, content, user experience, design and IT.

Therefore, make sure that the partner agency has this plurality in the team, ensuring that all aspects of the site are of excellence.

3. Attention to SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most important factors in website development today.

Ranking in search engines, such as Google, influences the attraction of users, conversions and sales. In addition, it indicates a more qualified site, with credibility and authority in the area.

Among the elements that impact SEO, are:

  • Content and keywords;
  • Link building;
  • URLs;
  • Information structure;
  • Loading time, among others.
  • In total, Google’s guidelines include more than 200 items to improve the page’s ranking potential.

4. User experience

User experience is an essential factor. After all, you don’t want a visitor to enter your site and don’t know where to click, do you? Imagine a person interested in a product, but who gets lost in the menus.

This will generate a bad experience and still a bad reputation for your brand. That is, in addition to being available to potential customers, the site must be easy to use and favorable to conversion.

In order to improve the user experience, it is essential to carry out the proper research and planning. Thus, it is possible to design the information structure and make usability tests to guarantee the results.

5. Mobile First

In the whole world, families access the internet through mobile. This makes mobile devices the main platform used in the country, surpassing the desktop.

This factor together with the responsive site being one of Google’s ranking criteria increases the importance of mobile-first in creating new sites.

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6. Customization of processes

The website must represent the visual identity of the brand, so that design, layout, structure, content and images are personalized.

A B2B website that sells software and footwear e-commerce, for example, has different demands and they must be met during the planning and creation of the website.

Please note, therefore, that the partner agency guarantees that the contents, design and other components of the website will be original. This includes a blog that can be easily nurtured to ensure the attraction of leads.

7. Portfolio and reputation

Check with the agency and its clients the available portfolio and also the reputation gained from previous work.

This assessment will help you escape from companies without consolidated or unprofessional processes.

Another important aspect is to check the experience of the agency in its segment, ensuring relevant prior knowledge for the construction of the website.

8. Attention to new legislation

Many marketing managers do not pay attention to this aspect. But personal data laws have changed in Europe, demanding major adjustments.

So, make sure the agency is familiar with the new legal requirements and also has specific processes to address this new scenario. This will avoid the need to redesign the site after the page goes live.

9. Website maintenance

The development of websites does not end with the delivery of the page, but must be continuous through maintenance.

A responsible partner understands this need, and maintenance is part of the service provided. With this activity, it is possible to make adjustments, restructurings and also to monitor the results of the site with performance reports.

What is the importance of website development?

As we said, the quality of the website impacts several objectives of a company’s online presence. Among them, the following can be highlighted:

  1. Increase in the number of visitors;
  2. Positioning in search engines;
  3. Customer experience;
  4. Conversion of leads and sales;
  5. Lead nutrition through new and relevant content;
  6. Authority and credibility of the brand;
  7. Branding;
  8. Customer retention and loyalty.

So, there is no use investing in content, paid media, social selling, among others, if the user is unable to perform basic processes on your page. The development of websites directly influences the entire digital strategy of the brand. That is, you can boost the results, or throw them down there.

How does SEO Islamabad carry out website development?

Specialized in the B2B market, SEO Islamabad has experience and credibility in website development. They customize the strategy according to the profile and reality of your business.

SEO Islamabad do all the planning and creation of the website according to the following steps:

  • Briefing to understand the solutions, target audience and objectives of the client;
  • Design of the website’s architecture and interface;
  • Creation of a personalized website, with original texts and design;
  • Application of the GDPR and LGPD rules;
  • Maintenance of the site after approval.

These steps make the site unique and focused on business results. In addition, they ensure that final delivery is more in line with customers’ needs and expectations.