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Twitter new paid feature|does twitter is testing undo button for tweets?

Twitter undo feature doesn’t not deletes the tweet, that you have been already sent and it is live at the moment. This feature is to stop the tweet before it gets live to all the users.

As a users of twitter, we all know that, twitter don’t provide edit or unsend the tweet options for the users. So, if you write a tweet with some mistakes or do you want to unsend your tweet, because of some reasons, then it will be difficult for you to delete the tweet and to write it again.

That’s why millions of twitter users demanded a edit option to correct their tweet easily. As on it’s users demand twitter started testing on undo tweet option. This feature could appear first for it paid clients through a subscription plan.

Twitter confirmed about this feature to CNET(which is one of the famous news company).

Many other apps like gmail, provides us free features like unsend or edit the mail. Where you can see an option immediately appear on screen after posting the mail. Using that option you can easily unsend your mail.

Twitter also working on same feature, where you can see “undo send” for 30 seconds, with this you can easily unsend your tweet and you can easily make changes in your tweet and you resend it again.

However, this feature is just an alternative to what it’s users actually demand for, although this is also a good feature to have.

By making this a feature available for it’s paid customers, twitter can now almost double it’s revenue. Let’s when we can able to see this feature.



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