Top Software Development Trends in 2021

Top Software Development trends
Top Software Development trends

Change is the only constant on this planet. There is no health education industry that can resist change. All industries welcome innovations that are causing changes in current IT trends.The same is committed to trends in software design and development, in fact, the software industry is one of those sectors of the contemporary era that is witnessing a constant change in its practices due to the growth of technology software.

Custom software developers are used to keeping up with the latest IT and software trends in their industry. The same goes for companies that obtain software development services from software development companies.

Now we come to the moot point: What will be the top trends in IT and software development in 2021? Without a doubt, 2020 was the year of discussions about the various trending software technologies, from artificial intelligence to blockchain.

The computer industry has seen tremendous growth in recent years. In a 2020 Gartner report , Spending in the IT industry is expected to grow by 8.3% in 2021. Other research results are shown below:

Top trends in software development in 2021

These numbers are the result of constant research and the introduction of innovations by full-stack developers. This spectacular growth inspires developers to work harder and bring amazing trends to the software development industry.


Every year, the advancement and restructuring of software product development trends changing technologies are changing existing trends. New software technologies like cross-platform application development, blockchain development, machine learning, etc. are constantly improving all over the world.

If you are talking specifically about blockchain technology, it is expected that by itself it will bring 2.312 million investments worldwide in 2021 according to a study by Statista . Here is a graphical representation of your results.

Army uses Microsoft’s HoloLens

The popularity of smartphones is the only reason companies are rushing to invest in their own AR applications. These companies are also hiring developers in large numbers. RA. Unlike its twin technology; VR and AR applications do not need material with the latest specifications.

People who have lost their faith in virtual reality application developers have started to find incredible uses for this technology. The United States Army uses Microsoft’s HoloLens mixed reality technology for military training. In addition to them, Walmart also plans to use virtual reality in 2021 for employee training in compliance and customer service.

Artificial intelligence-based software

With the advent of artificial intelligence, machines are programmed to perform tasks that were limited to the human mind. Artificial intelligence-based software can think intelligently like humans.Subsets of artificial intelligence like machine learning and deep learning are steadily gaining popularity among businesses. More and more companies like mobile application development companies see machine learning solutions and services as a necessity.

Artificial intelligence improvises and simplifies business tasks. It has provided brilliant support for web application developers to experiment. allowed AI to reach healthcare, banking, health education, math, etc.

Exponential demands

Internet of Things covers the main categories of connected devices on the Internet. These applications have spread to the industrial and customer fields. In the area of ​​security and customer experience, IoT is experiencing Exponential demands.Every second, more than 127 new devices will connect to the Internet, according to David Evan (former CISCO researcher). This gives an idea of ​​the growing scope of IoT.

Hybrid mobile and web applications are called progressive web applications. They are completely different from classic mobile apps. an integral part that they mainly work on.

Blockchain technology

They are easy to develop and maintain and have attracted many mobile application development companies to focus primarily on them in recent years. These applications can load very quickly even with low internet speed.Blockchain technology is undoubtedly one of the most talked about technologies in the software world. Digital currencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum would not have seen the light of day with the introduction of this technology.

Industrial fields

We have already seen the growing graph and predictions of this technology highlighted in the contemporary world. The secure and simplified recording of transactions in a decentralized ledger using blockchain technology services makes it strategically important for companies in all industrial fields.

This is the reason why a large number of blockchain developers are needed these days, as more and more companies are reaching out to blockchain development services.