Top 10 portable air conditioners

Top 10 portable air conditioners
Top 10 portable air conditioners

Portable air conditioners becomes a very good choice for who can’t afford an expensive air conditioner. These are very useful to you, if you’re a person who wants to save the current energy. A portable ac unit can help you lower the temperature of a specific area that you spend a lot of time in their compact design. So, these air conditioners will occupy a less space and also allows you to move them very easily.

In today’s article we’re going to show you top 10 best portable air conditioners that can keep you cool and comfortable every time. so without further delay, let’s get started here at top 10 zone.

These are really best portable air conditioners that you ever seen. We have researched well and then we created a list of top 10 items based on price, quality,features and user feedback.

10 best portable air conditioners

10. Rollybot ROLLICOOL

Rollybot’s rollicool portable ac is a unique air conditioner that can be your perfect choice, if you’re on a tight budget this ac delivers 10,000 btu of power output to cool and dehumidify a maximum 275 square foot office space within a short time. This comes with a built-in WiFi. So, you can easily connect this device with your smartphone and can able control this air conditioner through your mobile.

This can be control by your voice also, which makes this portable air conditioner easy to use. This ac comes in light and compact design with 360 degree caster wheels, allowing you to easily move around your house with ease.


The rollybot’s rollicool is the good solution for hot summer and can also be a alternative for expensive AC’s in your tight budget. This air conditioner has earned excellent reviews and ratings from its users which you can get around 320 dollars.

9. Whynter ARC-12S

Enjoy both cooling and heating with Whynter ARC-12S is a super portable air conditioner that ensures you always have a comfortable environment. Every time this portable ac delivers 12 000 btu of cooling and 11 000 btu of heating and can cover up to 400 square feet of space to ensure you always stay comfortable, it features “advanced auto drain technology”.

This portable air conditioner uses and recycles the moisture it collected while cooling to produce cool air and it’s dual hose operation makes your surroundings cool down fastly. This ac offers four operational modes. They are dehumidifier, air conditioner, heat and fan. You can fully control its thermostatic between 61 degrees fahrenheit to 89 degree fahrenheit and have three family speeds for customisation.

The components used in this are eco-friendly cfc free green r410a refrigerant and free RoHs compliant components. There is a digital and remote control facility, you can easily set a timer. You can easily move this to your place very comfortably. The Whynter ARC-12S is the best portable ac with that you can have to ensure a comfortable temperature at your home. With good reviews and ratings from its users.  The price of this portable air conditioner is 550$.

8. Honeywell HL12CESWG Contempo

if quiet operation is what you’re looking, then meet Honeywell HL12CESWG Contempo a powerful conditioner, that delivers whisper quite operation to ensure a calm environment.

This air conditioner delivers 12,000 btu of power output to cool rooms up to 450 square feet. It serves 2 in 1 function which is cooling fan and dehumidification to suit your needs. With this digital control panel and remote control you can easily set three fan speeds and adjust the temperature between 60° fahrenheit to 90° fahrenheit for a more personalized experience it’s easy access washable air filter helps catch unwanted dust particles from the air.

It has a built-in dehumidifier, which removes up to 86.3 pins per 24 hours. this has eco-friendly r410a refrigerant and you can easily install this.

The Honeywell HL12CESWG Contempo stays whisper quiet, so that you can enjoy a calm and cool environment inside your home. This portable ac has received excellent reviews and ratings from its users you can get it at around 590$.

7. frigidaire gallery

All portable air conditioners are not well suited for large rooms, that’s why you should have the frigidaire gallery, A powerful AC, that can cool down your large spaces without breaking a sweat with this. 12,000 btu of power output it can cool and dehumidify up to 550 sq ft room with three pins per hour dehumidification. So that you can always stay cool and comfortable.

The one good feature I got to see in this portable air conditioner is that you can this AC with your smartphone and you can control this device very easily with your smartphone and also this device has voice control. With it’s 360° airflow design your surroundings becomes cool very fastly.

It has autocool function, energy saver mode and sleep mode. You don’t have to be tension because it has a very flexible and it got approvals and many certifications. If you’re looking for a portable air conditioner which can cover a large area, then you can definitely go for frigidaire gallery. Having good reviews and ratings from its users, this portable air conditioner price is 650$.

6. midea smart three-in-one

Midea smart three‑in‑one is a smart and portable air conditioner, that is perfect for any compact like home, bedroom or offices, with a maximum 10,000 btu power output it cool downs a 200 sqft of space very fastly, and with dehumidification it makes your surroundings very comfortable.

Also, you can control this device with a smartphone app or you can also control this device with voice control feature, set a schedule and more. It features an easy to read LED display and includes a compact remote control that allows you to easily adjust the temperature between 62°F to 90°F. To achieve a comfortable environment, it comes with a 5ft hose and adjustable window brackets which offers super easy installation with any of your home windows.

In addition, it also includes a reusable air filter to ensure healthy air for your family. The media smart three-in-one portable air conditioner is the perfect cooling solution for your compact spaces with excellent reviews and ratings from its customers. This portable air conditioner price is 340$.

5. Whirlpool’s dual exhaust portable air conditioner

Whirlpool’s dual exhaust portable air conditioner packed with useful features and facilities making it the perfect solution for those who are on low budget with an amazing 12,000 btu power output, It covers up to 450 sqft. On one side it provides fans and 3.4 pins per hour dehumidification operation also, which have a mesh that you can remove and wash for clean and cool air.

It has onboard electronic controls with 3 speeds and lets you set a 24 hrs timer, which you can control through it’s remote from your comfort zone. It’s 6 ft long ICDI power cord with 3 prong grounded plug uses 115 volt electrical outlet and after a power failure it automatically restarts when power is restored.

This air conditioner comes with rolling wheels, with the help of them you can move this AC easily in space. A reliable and portable air conditioner that is forged with bunch of features. The whirlpool is easily the most budget-friendly ac with pretty excellent readings you can get it around 550$.

4. BLACK+DECKER BPACT14WT Portable Air Conditioner

Enjoy a comfortable home climate year-round with black+decker. Offering immediate and uninterrupted comfort that makes it ideal appliance for bedrooms, living room and garage. This AC delivers 14,000 BTU of power output to cool an 11,000 btu heat and can dehumidify a maximum 350 sqft of space within a short time, making it perfect for bedrooms.

It features a top mounted control panel and led display including a compact remote control that allows you to easily adjust fan speed. Cools the air up to 55°F and heats up to 81°F. Ensuring you keep cool and comfortable during the summer and toasty warm in the winter. This portable air conditioner has eco-friendly r410a refrigerant and also you can easily install them on your own.

Beside that, 24 hour timer and sleep mode keep you completely ory free. The black+decker comes with rolling casters and side carrying sandals, making it extremely easy to maneuver. So, you can easily store it in your comfort zone. A perfect companion for bedrooms,living room or any small area. The blackjack portable ac offers top of the line performance without any hassle. It has earned excellent ratings and reviews from its customers and the price of this portable air conditioner is 430$.

3. Honeywell 176 CFM

Lightweight and highly energy efficient, the honeywell 176 CFM is built to cool your area immediately and offers great value for money a moist cool breeze can cool you down and not only in summer, this can be very useful as humidifier in winters.

Thanks to its washable active carbon filter that traps dust odors and pollutants, ensure healthy air. This tiny AC can cover up to 100 sqft area, which is perfect for small areas such as bed, desk, sofa and many more. A whisper quiet option is there for light sleepers in addition, it is packed with patented brushless motor technology that offers 5v speed.

While low energy quiet mode minimizes energy consumption. It reduces temperature through water evaporation and performs best in hot dry climates. where humidity levels are less than 50, so you stay cool and fresh without any worry. Moreover, it’s fully functional remote allows you to set fan speeds according to your needs besides a programmable timer, provides a cool breeze up to 7 hours so you can simply set and forget it.

Build to cool small area super fastly and equipped with an unobtrusive whisper quiet motor, this Ac allows you to have soundless sleep without any disturbance. The honeywell 176CFM also offers the best value for money.

2. Whynter ARC-14s

The Whynter ARC-14s is packed with useful features, that offer maximum coverage while reducing energy consumption with a maximum 14,000 BTU of power output. It delivers fast effective cooling for spaces up to 500 sqft.

While, simultaneously providing 3 fan speeds and dehumidification functions to create a relaxing and comfortable environment it comes with eco-friendly CFC free green r32 refrigerant and lead free RoH’s compliant elements which are very safe for your health as well as for environment also.

You can control this AC using a it’s remove. While, this versatile design allows you to easily move it around the house without any difficulty. To add to that it offers full thermostatic control that ranges from 61 to 89°F with digital readout along with pretended auto drain function.

This function removes all the heat and automatically leaves into the environment. So, that you can stay cool without any worry if you’re looking for a portable AC that is best for large rooms, then, the Whynter ARC-14s is the perfect solution according to your needs. It has earned good ratings and reviews from its customers and the price of this portable air conditioner is 740$.

1. LG smart wi-fi portable AC

The best portable AC i.e., top 1 ac on our list is LG smart wi-fi portable AC. This delivers a good service among all other portable air conditioners we have seen in this list. With 14,000 btu of power output, it can cool and dehumidify up to 500 sqft rooms with 6.7 pins per hour dehumidification.

This lg air conditioner has a built-in wi-fi, that allows you to connect it with a smartphone app and set a smart schedules timer and many more from the app. You can also control this portable AC using voice control also.

This ac features an easy to read LED display and includes a compact remote control, that allows you to easily adjust the temperature from 3 different modes to achieve a comfortable ambience with the perfect combination of auto cool function, energy saver and sleep mode. These features can help you in saving your electricity bill. So, you can use without any tension.

Stay cool and comfortable even when mother nature turns up the heat the LG smart portable air conditioner is the ideal climate control solution and is packed with best features to keep you cool and healthy. The customers who purchased this are given good feedback about this product. This air conditioner price is around 700$.

So that is our list for the top 10 best portable air conditioners for you.