Telegram vs clubhouse|telegram is working on 5 new features

telegram is working on 5 new features
telegram is working on 5 new features

Telegram is one of best instant messaging app, it is popular before, but it got much hyped, when what’s app introduced it’s new privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Now telegram is looking further to improve it’s app to another level. That’s why it is introducing some features in which, some features are similar to clubhouse. Like, now we listen to some group audio discussions.

I think many of you know about this app so called clubhouse, if you ever used iphone. However this app is already developed for android devices also, but right now, this app is dedicated for iphone users only.

Clubhouse is an invite-only app, i.e, you can enter a group, if you get invited for group by members of that group. Without invitation you will unable to access that group.

Now telegram is looking to introduce this feature to telegram. Not only this, telegram is working some other features also.


Although telegram has added many useful features in it’s app. These features made telegram to be one of best apps in world. It has updated voice chat support in telegram groups and many other features that made this app more useful.

Let’s look into those cool features.

1. No limited voice chats

Now you can listen to many other members of your telegram channel without any restrictions. This is one of the best feature in their app.

2. “raise the hand” icon

We have this feature in google meet, where in live discussion, when others are muted and the admin can able to speak. If you want to speak in between then you neer to tap on the “raise the hand” icon, then admin the will unmute and you can speak.

Telegram is also using this feature, you can able talk, when the admins allows you to speak.

3. can able to record/save voice chats

The admins of telegram channel can save/record the voice text and can able to publish those voice to one who was absent during that voice chat.

4. invite links

When the admins wants to discuss with some selected members of that channel, they can create a link and send that link to those members, with whom the admins wants to discuss.

While joining to a voice chat, you can join with your personal account or you can join as one of that channel’s member. It is in your hand. You can join that voice chat anonymously also.

These are the five major features telegram is going to introduce.