Everybody don’t get success in businesses,it need smartness, good buisness ideas,time, authority and many other facts.

using mails are common and very part in making your business sucessful,a good relationship with companies comes with good communication and security.

Today,iam going to give you 10 smart and best buisness reasons to use metered, without wasting time let’s get started…

1. One of the most appealing benefits of metered mail is the fact that it is a fantastic convenience:

it’s actually like having a branch of the post office in your own office that is open 24 hours/day. Metered envelopes are sealed, stamped and stacked in one efficient operation, providing you the automation to get daily and peak mail out the door on time every day.

2. Tele Meter Setting:

Our TMS system allows you to replenish the postage supply in your meter with a simple 90 second phone transaction, eliminating time-consuming trips to the post office to stand in line for stamps. Mail Ship Technology offers a variety of convenient options for transferring funds to your meter.

3. Postage Savings :

Independent studies have consistently proven that you can decrease postage costs by as much as twenty percent using a complete office mailing system.

Electronic scales offer precise weighing, and postage meters allow you to print the exact denomination that you need. Stop applying two stamps when you need some amount in between or trying to manage multi-denominational stamp inventories – it’s virtually impossible to avoid excessive waste.

4. Increased Security :

Meter “stamps” don’t exist until you print them.

5. Cost Accounting :

Most meters include a cost accounting feature that allows you to accurately track postage expenditures for multiple different accounts.

Accounts can be assigned to different departments, individual users, clients, etc. This allows for easier budgeting and reconciliation, as you can see exactly how every postage penny was spent.

6. Package Compatibility :

A postage meter can also produce self-adhesive metered tapes for packages, flats and tubes. Larger items such as these often appear messy when “wallpapered” with stamps.

With a meter, your package will look neat and professional and will be accurately posted every time.

7. Faster Mail Service :

Metered mail is treated as business mail and is handled with higher priority. Therefore, your important business correspondence will yield quicker results (i.e. more efficient billing resulting in improved cash flow), and all for the same dollar that you’re spending now!

8. Professional Image :

Using metered mail makes a statement about your business. Often, your envelope is the first impression that you can make on the customer.

Metered mail projects a neat, professional image and helps you to create a favorable impression. It can make small companies look larger and larger businesses appear more prominent.

9. Free Advertising :

A postage meter also allows you to print an advertisement on your envelope promoting your company, such as a corporate logo or product image. Digital meters also support custom text messages that can print next to your postage.

Turn you mail into miniature traveling billboards promoting your company or favorite cause wherever your mail goes. Envelope ads and text lines also enhance open ability, increasing readership and response rates!

10. Free Postal Consultation :

By doing business with Mail Ship Technology you’ll also get free postal consultation. Your Postal Systems Consultant will be readily available to give suggestions to help minimize postal costs, help you better understand confusing postal regulations, and assist you in preparing your mail more efficiently.

Mail Ship Technology has helped thousands of companies use the mail to grow their business – after all, mail moves the paper that moves your business forward. They save time, money, increase productivity and morale, and make you more effective.

Unfortunately, in some offices that efficiency breaks down at the last step – too much time and effort is spent getting the mail out. Mail Ship Technology has the individual solution for your company.


In this article,you all got some smart and best reasons to use metered mail.i hope this article is helpful to you and iam concluding this here.


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