Skype’s amazing update|AI – based skype.

Microsoft recently updated Skype with a new feature
Microsoft recently updated Skype with a new feature

Microsoft updated it’s skype app. we know all know microsoft, it is one of the biggest and successful company. microsoft has many success projects and skype will be in one of those successfull projects.

We have seen many updates, specially those who uses skype. Recently, microsoft has updated skype with a new and interesting feature, that helps you in noise cancellation. This update is based on artificial intelligence. Means, now skype will adjust it’s voice and call experience using artificial intelligence.

To use this feature, all you have to do is click on settings option and then click on audio and then, you will noise cancellation feature with other options low, high and auto. You can adjust option according to your need. You can enable and disable this whenever you want.

This AI based noise cancellation feature is only available for desktops apps, so mobile users can’t take this advance.

Skype has mentioned all details about this new noice cancellation feature in their blog.


For instance, we’ll mentioned some important points below:

  • They said that, this feature is actually developed for Microsoft teams.
  • This feature will doesn’t effect your voice quality
  • How this feature works, you can read their blog.