Which country made PUBG| PUBG ban in india

Which country made pubg – who made pubg

PUBG is an awesome game to play in this new era of gaming. Among most battle royale games, online FPS games like PUBG and Fortnite are the most viral gaming gig. Recently we have written on valorant mobile also, you can read about that.

As the PUBG game is everyone’s interest because of different pubg outfits and vehicles, today we will reveal some secrets like Which Country made PUBG? or How the game got its name PUBG?

Apart from that, we will also include other cool facts and tips and tricks for your favourite PUBG game. More or less, players always face a hard time to control recoil and shoot enemies. So, all you need to do is more practice.

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Let you all know that the mobile version of the PUBG game is quite famous in India, but recently the Country has banned the game and players are getting frustrated with the ban on game. Many are still looking to unban the game and their most searched question is which Country made PUBG? is PUBG China made game? Etc.


What is pubg?

PUBG full form is Player’s Unknown Battleground. which was released in the year 2017. After release, the game became very famous in the PC gaming community.

PUBG is a battle royale style game where 100 players drop in a barren island where they have to find loot such as a weapon, meds, and other gear for survival.

friends ever since pubg has been banned, people are liking to play free fire because after pubg, the craze of free fire games is very high among people, some people also use free fire fonts to make their free fire profile attractive. So that they can look attractive like their pubg profile.

This game’s primary goal is to survive until you are the last man alive on the island who can finally get Winner Winner Chicken Dinner’s trophy.

The game has changed its experience many times during its evolution, and every time PUBG gets better than before.

Today’s PUBG has a lot more to have fun with than PUBG from back in 2017. New maps and new Death match mode, mobile version, car fight mode, lot of new weapons, and other experience are continually improving by our dear PUBG and PUBG Mobile devs.

Which Country made PUBG?

Finally, the most awaited questions of the year,

  • is PUBG a Chinese game?
  • Which Country made PUBG?
  • why PUBG Mobile got banned in India?
  • Is it going to unban?

Many much-needed answers are coming to our fellow gamers, and today, we will try to get you to it.

Let you all know that the PUBG game was published by PUBG Corp. which is a sub-company of the South Korean company Bluehole. The game was created after the mod called ‘PlayersUnknown‘ been created by Brendan.

Inspired by the Chinese film Battle Royale 2000, the game is exactly like the movie where 100 players are dropped and let them survive by any means.

Both the movie and game became very famous, and later, other companies have made more battle royale games. Recently, the most significant success for PUBG is PUBG Mobile. It has taken over the world like a storm. but, the saddest thing for our fellow Indians, the game is banned in the Country.

When was pubg launched?

Pubg global version was launched on February 9, 2018 AD. However, there are many versions are there in pubg according to the specific country. But, the global version will be same for all countries.

PUBG game developers

Game developerPUBG Corporation
DistributorPUBG Corporation
DirectorsBrendan Greene, Tae-seok Jang
ProducerChang Han Kim
DesignerBrendan Greene
ArtistTae-seok Jang
ComposerTom Salta
EngineUnreal Engine 4
Platform Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, PS4, Stadia
Release December 20, 2017
Genre Battle royale
Mode Multiplayer

PUBG ban in india

Why PUBG Mobile got banned in India, is it a Chinese Game?

A few months ago, the Indian government decided to ban PUBG Mobile game permanently. The reason behind the pubg ban is,The game is Chinese origin game. Most of the Chinese game holding the Indian market was forbidden in one night.

After the China-India fight in the borders of Ladakh, the Indian govt has decided to take a digital step towards China. As the Chinese apps hold a massive business in India, their privacy policies towards these apps are unfair.

To kill two fish with one arrow, the Indian Govt banned all the Chinese apps and PUBG Mobile. But PUBG is not a Chinese game.

As I already mentioned, PUBG and PUBG Mobile were made, created, and published by PUBG Corp and Bluehole.

However, Before the release of PUBG Mobile is a large country like India and China, a Chinese company called Tencent took responsibility and bought 10% of the share and publishing rights of PUBG Mobile.

With this, China has 10% of the property of PUBG Mobile, and this why India banned PUBG Mobile too, but it is, after all, a South Korean game.

Do PUBG get returns india back?

Well, that one thing which no one knows yet. According to many sources, the game is trying to partner with other companies to make a comeback in India. But recently, according to MIETY, they have never given any permission to PUBG mobile to relaunch in India.

Apart from that, PUBG Mobile is doing other things to come back to the Indian players. It was also cleared that PUBG Mobile has broken the publishing rights from Tencent.

Many famous gamers and Youtubers are claiming that the ban will be lifted before January ends, but it is tough to tell because of India’s strict government.


So, now we know which Country made PUBG Mobile and how it got banned in India. PUBG Mobile is prohibited in several other countries, but gamers still manage to play the game with a VPN or other tricks as the game is a favourite to many.

I hope this post helps you with your question(pubg ban,e.c.t.). Please Support and share.

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