Updated list of best processor for android mobile

Best processor for android mobile
Best processor for android

Best processor for android mobile list

Hi and hello everybody, today we are going to discuss about the best processors in the market and which one is best in performance.

Best processor for Android mobile is the Toughest part to decide which phone we should buy, Right?

But mostly people don’t care about their phone’s processor and Benchmark scores but you and we care.

Then this post can really help you to decide which processor is best for us!

1. Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm specifically provides smooth, secure, and superior graphics. This is considered to be the first choice for the user. It has a multi-core CPU.


The direct effect of which can be seen while doing multitasking. Your phone will not have to face the problem of a sudden hang.

The Snapdragon QSD8250 is the first processor found in 2007 and used in mobile. Qualcomm is Snapdragon’s parent company is Scorpion.

RankProcessor NameCenturion Mark
1Snapdragon 888158
2Snapdragon 870151
3Snapdragon 865+150
4Snapdragon 865149
5Snapdragon 855+145
6Snapdragon 855144
7Snapdragon 768G136
8Snapdragon 765G134
9Snapdragon 765133
10Snapdragon 750G132
11Snapdragon 690127
12Snapdragon 845125
13Snapdragon 732G124
14Snapdragon 730G123
15Snapdragon 730123
16Snapdragon 720G122
17Snapdragon 480117
18Snapdragon 835114
19Snapdragon 712113
20Snapdragon 710113
21Snapdragon 678112
22Snapdragon 675111
23Snapdragon 670108
24Snapdragon 821107
25Snapdragon 820101
26Snapdragon 660101
27Snapdragon 665101
28Snapdragon 66299
29Snapdragon 46097
30Snapdragon 63692
31Snapdragon 63288
32Snapdragon 63080
33Snapdragon 81074
34Snapdragon 65372
35Snapdragon 62671
36Snapdragon 62570
37Snapdragon 65070
38Snapdragon 43969
39Snapdragon 65269
40Snapdragon 45068
41Snapdragon 80865
42Snapdragon 42959
43Snapdragon 43557
44Snapdragon 43055
45Snapdragon 61752
46Snapdragon 61651
47Snapdragon 61550
48Snapdragon 61050
49Snapdragon 42749
50Snapdragon 42548
51Qualcomm 21547
52Snapdragon 41546
53Snapdragon 41245
54Snapdragon 41044

Meaning of the above Score

  • Above 120

The processors deliver exceptional performance. Tech enthusiasts should pick a device from this range because it’s a Good number.

  • Between 90-120
  • In this range, they have a pretty good performance. Go for this range when you’re picking a mid-range device.
  • Between 65-90

You can expect average performance. It is good for casual users but definitely not for power users. Target this range if you’re buying a low-end smartphone.

  • Between 55-65

The performance of these SOCs is below than the average but it is acceptable in the extreme low-end phones which come with 1-2GB ram. But you should be prepared to face occasional lags and the user experience won’t be that great.

  • Below 55

The performance is subpar and should be avoided unless you’re buying an extremely cheap phone with a price tag lower than $100.

By the way, it is difficult to compare the three processors in the flagship. The simple reason for this is that all three are considered Bastar processors, but if we talk about the mid-range class, then Qualcomm has definitely won here.

Whether playing high graphics games or multi tasking in mid range booking. Qualcomm has no match even today, whether it is about the function of charging the battery, or overwriting the display with them.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is the latest one. Which is a premium 5G processor.

Its AI optimization and performance of the device will provide a new experience for users.

2. HUAWEI Kirin Processor

The Kirin processor of the HUAWEI company is also known for its performance. This is made by HUAWEI’s Hisilicon, a semiconductor company, which has been used in recent years.

RankProcessor NameCenturion Mark
1Kirin 9000152
2Kirin 9000E151
3Kirin 990 5G144
4Kirin 990 4G143
5Kirin 990E 5G139
6Kirin 985 5G 137
7Kirin 980124
8Kirin 810121
9Kirin 970103
10Kirin 96098
11Kirin 71089
12Kirin 95588
13Kirin 95071
14Kirin 65971
15Kirin 65870
16Kirin 65570
17Kirin 65066
18Kirin 93565
19Kirin 93047
20Kirin 620 47

It is also considered an excellent process. This is mostly seen in the entertainment of Huawei. And as you all know.

There have been many allegations on this company regarding the user’s data. However you want to get a phone with this one.Then you can take it. Because its performance and user experience are very good.

3. MediaTek

MediaTek is a Taiwanese semiconductor company. Which is dated 9 May 1997. This is the biggest drawback of these processors in many phones in this Proper Keeners round.

RankProcessor NameCenturion Mark
1Dimensity 1200150*
2Dimensity 1100149*
3Dimensity 1000+146
4Dimensity 1000146*
5Dimensity 1000L140
6Dimensity 1000C137
7Dimensity 820136
8Dimensity 800U134
9Dimensity 720 132
10Dimensity 800 131
11Helio G95120
12Helio G90T119
13Helio G90118*
14Helio P95111
15Helio P90109
16Helio X30107
17Helio G85106
18Helio G80105
19Helio G70105
20Helio P6599
21Helio P7098
22Helio P6085
23Helio X2781
24Helio P35.81
25Helio G3580
26Helio P3080
27Helio G2579
28Helio X2379
29Helio P2378
30Helio A2577
31Helio X2575
32Helio X2075
33Helio P2574
34Helio P2069
35Helio P2266
36Helio A2263
37Helio A2059
38Helio P1859
39Helio P1051
40Helio X1050

That these are not properly over-charged for the battery and this is a minor drawback. Perhaps this is why this Proper is quite cheap.

However, it is not that the processors of MediaTek do not come right, such as MediaTek Dimension 5G, which has been discussed recently

This are very powerful. And will provide a new experience for users. But its price will be much higher in the marke

Conclusion on Best Processor for Android

There are tons and tons of processors available in the mobile market but mostly people prefer Qualcomm Snapdragon or MediaTek for their device.

Because they come in our Friendly budget with a Massive performance.


My Opinion

In my opinion you should go with Qualcomm Snapdragon. they can optimize your Battery, performance,it is also great for heavy games etc.