Wonderful things we don’t understand about our computers.



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Welcome all, before knowing about the wonderful things about computers that we don’t understand, let me give you some computer knowledge.

Computers have become a part of human day to day life, without computers the life of humans would become very tough. from studies to jobs and from work to entertainment everything is become possible because of computers.

So, it is very important to know the computer. In this article, I am going to some knowledge of computers.

If you all know about these points, you can skip this intro and get into the topic that you are looking for.


Important points about computers:-

  • Computer full formcommonly oriented machine particularly used to/used for technical educational research.

now, without wasting any time let’s get started.

Wonderful things about computers that we don’t understand:-

It’s a ritual across the globe, somewhere between sticking out the kettle on and protestant regarding last night’s match, you’ll likely hit the button on your ageing company laptop and wait whereas it slowly is concerned turning on.

Instead of taking it as a right though, it’s value taking one or two minutes to comprehend some of the items that your poor mechanism slave will while not you ever knowing.

1. Bits, Bytes, and Size:

Next time you complain regarding the pitiful memory capability of your earlier 8GB iPod bit, its value bear in mind what makes up eight whole gigabytes.

Engineering graduates can understand that in each computer memory unit, there are 1024 computer memory units; 1024 kilobytes in a very megabyte, and 1024 bytes in a very KB.

Breaking it all the way down to rock bottom level, you have eight bits in a very computer memory unit.

Why will that matter?

As a result of on a flash drive, every little bit of knowledge is formed of eight separate floating gates, every comprising two physical transistors, which might primarily record themselves as either a ‘1’ or a ‘0’(computers can only understand machine language).

(Want to be affected ever further? every floating gate depends on quantum physics to figure.)

Meaning that associate 8GB iPod bit – the one you were happy at a second agent for being puny – has, per my back-of-the-napkin math’s, 549,755,813,888 individual gates clad within that svelte atomic number 13 body. Mighty clever engineering so.

2. Everything you see or hear on the web is truly on your laptop.

All your computer-whizz friends in all probability enjoyment of telling you the way having a ‘library’ of videos are therefore 2008, that no-one torrents from now on, it’s all Netflix and player and The Cloud’, no matter meaning.

But, you may need to inform them that when you stream a video or the week’s latest prime forty off online, it’s really, technically enjoying off your laptop.

See, each net media file must create a neighbourhood copy of itself on your machine first. Ever puzzled what that white buffering bar suggests that on YouTube or Netflix?

it is the quantity of video that is been traced to the native cache, a.k.a. the quantity you’ll still watch if your net decides to up and die.

3. The gap knowledge travels:

A quick experiment for you:-

If you click on the link, that ought to take you to Wikipedia. With one click, you’ve got simply fetched a bunch of knowledge from servers in Ashburn, Virginia, regarding 6000km away.

Your request has travelled from your laptop, through a neighbourhood Wi-Fi router or electronic equipment, up to a neighbourhood knowledge centre, from there ahead (under the Atlantic, if you are within the UK), all thanks to Virginia, and back once more – in around 0.1 of a second, betting on how smart your net association is.

By comparison, your body takes around 0.15 of a second for a proof to pass from your fingers, up to your medulla signals to the brain, and go into reverse once more.

4. Investigating Starts at Zero:

At a base level, each computer is simply a very huge and difficult calculator. however, due to the means, its intrinsic electronic equipment works with several very little logic gates, that area unit either ‘on’ or ‘off’.

Each action that takes place at a base level is occurring in binary, wherever things area unit becomes either a one or a zero, with no reminder grey in between.

This interprets up to a neat little bit of programming triviality, within the engineering world, all investigating (with the rather notable exceptions of FORTRAN and Visual Basic) starts at zero, not one.

It makes plenty additional sense, ever considered why the twentieth century refers to the 1900s?

It’s as a result of once historians selected the qualitative analysis system, they weren’t clever enough to decide the initial century (0-99AD) the 0th century. If that they had, we’d in all probability have way fewer confused college youngsters the planet over.

One rather under-appreciated reality regarding solid-state drives (SSDs), considered the gold customary for quick, reliable storage, is that the quantity of repetition they need to try to.

Once you need to repeat some knowledge from one bit to a different one, it is not simply a matter of shuffling the information from one part of the drive to a different one.

Because of the difficult means, an SSD works, over-writing a block of previous knowledge with some shiny new knowledge is not as straightforward as simply writing the new stuff in with an even bigger, thicker Sharpie.

Rather, the storage drive must do some difficult shuffling around.

In follow, will this could this} mean that writing a little 4KB file can need the drive to scan 2MB (that’s thousands of times additional knowledge that the 4KB file you are attempting to write), store that briefly, erase an entire t of blocks, then re-write all the information.

It’s rather labour-intensive, therefore suppose before you juggle your files around next time.

6. Code is not as clean as you think that.

The majority of folks place religion in bits of technology you do not quite perceive – be it committing your life to a 747, or your dirty picks to snap chat’s auto-delete.

Once you do one tends to assume that the code’s been religiously examined by groups of caffeine-fuelled programmers, with most of the Lilliputian very little bugs found and nixed.

The truth appears to be quite an alternative. One Quota user acknowledged that buried inside the ASCII text file for Java, one in the entire internet’s elementary bits of code, is that this gem:

  • This methodology returns the ordinal bit that’s set within the bit array. The
  • The current position is cached within the following four variables and can
  • facilitate speed up a sequence of next decision in associate index iterate. This
  • The methodology could be a mess, however, it’s quick and it works, therefore do not go with it.

It simply goes to indicate that even programmers rush things to urge home for ensuing instalment of Game of Thrones typically.


This is all about some of the things that we can never understand computers. I hope this article helped you.

Thank you.

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