Popular games with kar98k sniper other than pubg

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Are you a big fan of shooting games,then definitely you’ll enjoy playing pubg.

If you played pubg before,then you definitely met across the legendary sniper called “kar98k”. Kar98k is one of those famous sniper rifle in pubg(like AWM,M24,e.c.t.) and it is a favourite sniper rifle for most of the pubg and shooting games lovers.

After the ban of most famous online battle royale game PUBG in india,I know most of the pubg lovers are missing kar98k. But, don’t worry. today iam going to show you guys some amazing video games where you can find kar98k sniper.

Make sure that these are not only mobile games,these includes pc and Android devices.


Here’s is a small information about kar98k

Kar98k is a short form of karabiner 98 kurz. this sniper riffle uses 7.62mm ammo and it can kill enemies from a long distances.I

It supports 8x scope also.

I hope,now you got some extra information about kar98k sniper rifle.

So,without making any further delay, let’s get into our topic.

Games where you can find kar98k sniper rifle(excluding pubg)

Best games where you can find kar98k sniper rifle 

1. Battle field v

It is a very popular action and shooting video game.this game only supports FPP mode(first-person perspective),other like pubg,this game don’t have TPP mode.

In battlefield v, graphics looks more realistic,this game runs on very high graphics (looks really awesome while playing).

Just like pubg,this game comes with many multiplayer modes like continuous campaign mode, firestorm mode and grand operation mode.

There are many guns for You in game including kar98k sniper rifle.

you can play this game using PlayStation 4,xbox(you can’t play this game using your android or iOS mobiles).

2. red orchestra 2

The red orchestra 2 game is a first person multiplayer action game launched in the year 2011. this is also one of those famous game and can be played using pc.

This game has large maps with very high graphics. The guns looks more realistic in this game, you have to play against 64 other players.

This game has many modes for example – Search and Destroy,Firefight,Countdown,Territory Control,Multiplayer Campaign and many more.

In this game,you will find kar98k sniper rifle.shooting games lovers will definitely love this game.

3. hell let loose. 

If you want to try a different battle game. then,you should definitely give this game a try. This game has a different concept when compared to other multiplayer battle games.

Hell let loose” is multiplayer battle game with a lot different weapons and equipments.

This game has very impressive graphics and game runs very smooth and you can enjoy kar98k sniper in this video game.

Pc are suitable for this game.

4. call of duty:world at war.

There is no new thing to say about call of duty (COD),most of you will definitely know this game and some of you has hear the name of this game somewhere. This is a very popular and famous action and shooting video game in all over world with million of purchases. There are many series available on COD game till now.

In that,call of duty:world at war is one of the awesome series,where you can find kar98k sniper rifle.

This is a multiplayer action and shooting game with some game modes like side game mode,where you will find other players also.

Not only kar98k, there are many amazing weapons also there in this game.every action and shooting games lovers will definitely love this game.

There are many other of series of COD are available, where you can find various amazing snipers.

5.medal of honor: airborne

Medal of Honor is also a good shooting and multiplayer game with decent graphics. You can play this game using xbox or PlayStation. This game comes with two modes –

  • Single-person mode
  • multiplayer mode

In this game you can find many types of guns like pistols, short guns, assault rifles(AR), submachine guns(SMG’s), sniper rifles and many more.

As I said before that you will see sniper rifles also,so,you can find kar98k also.

This also a game where you can find kar98k sniper rifle like pubg.

6. World of guns:guns disassembly.

If you love the guns and always want to know how the guns works.then,this game is for you guys.

As I said in name,this game is all about guns disassembly.this is a gun simulation video game with puzzle genre.

In this game,you will be able to operate and also can disassembly the guns.

You can also operate and disassemble kar98k in this game.

Through this game you can gain some knowledge on how the guns works.

It will be a lot of fun playing this game .

This game is available in playstore, you can easily download it in your android devices for free. It is also suitable for pc and iOS.


These are some video games, where you can play with kar98k sniper rifle other than pubg. Not only these games,there are many other games where you can find kar98k. I hope, this article was helpful for you.

Thank you.