How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like TikTok?

How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like TikTok
How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like TikTok

Tiktok has become one of the most popular social apps since it was developed. Millions of users are using Tiktok now. Anyone can download Tiktok and can create a video. It has become of the most popular entertainment app. People can create small videos and showcase their talent. You can become popular on Tiktok.

People have millions of followers on Tiktok. So, what makes Tiktok one of the most popular app, and can you also develop an app like Tiktok if yes, how much will it cost you for your development find out here now by reading the article.

The cost of the development of such an app could depend on various things. You need to have a good UI design of the app you have to choose the platform of the app on which you going to release it. There are only two platforms like Android and IOS.

You can either develop for both or a single platform. The cost could be different for both the platform. But before we talk about the cost let’s discuss some of the features you need to add to your app. 

Good User Interface 

A good user interface will not only make your app look good but also feel good. The first thing anyone will notice about your app when they will download it is how the app looks. Is it easy to use? You can keep your app design simple but catchy. Navigation should be easily available for users easily.


Like in Tiktok whenever a user opens the app, he will notice the most trending videos. This is because the app is based on video creation and you can only record and watch videos.

Filters and Effects 

You know there are tons of filters and effects on Tiktok to make a video even more unique and creative. Without filters and effects, it’s just a normal video that you can even create using your mobile video recording.

You can turn your videos into slow motion, zoom, reverse, rotate, and much more. If you want to make an app like Tiktok you need to add some good filters and effects that will make your app even more unique. Even a simple video can be creative using filters and effects.

Video Editing 

Tiktok has an in-build video editing feature so if someone creates a video, they don’t need to download another app for editing their video. It is a good feature and you don’t need to go and upload your video anywhere just change the brightness, contrast, tone everything inside the app.

It also contains tons of music libraries so users can put any song of their choice. Add hashtags and a lot more. These in-built features could make your app even more attractive but it will also increase the cost of development.

Share, Like, and Comment 

Every social media app is incomplete without share, like and comment. People will see your post if they want, they can like, comment, and share with other people this will also increase the insight and followers of a user. If you are developing an app like Tiktok then you definitely need to add this feature on your app or else it’s incomplete.

People want to share the videos the one they like and comment as feedback. You can also share your videos with your friends and family for more likes and followers.

How Much Will It Cost? 

These were some of the basic features that are required if you want to create a Tiktok app clone. But your cost of development will most likely depend on your design, platform, development team, and features. How big your development team and how much you are paying your team?


There are currently 2 platforms for any app development i.e., Android and IOS. The cost and time for both the platform could be different. As IOS could sometimes take longer development time than IOS and the cost can also be higher. You can target your audience and know how much time and money will it take for development.

UI Design

Your app design is everything as you know how an app works are very important. The overall performance and the design of the app matter. The user interface will give your users a better experience. The development cost is highly dependent on your UI design.


Do you want to hire a development team or want to outsource an app development company? All the expenses of your team, the time taken could be different according to your team size. If you have hired a small team for development then the cost might be less. But if you are outsourcing a big company to develop your app then they will charge you extra for their development cost and profit.

Now you know that on what basis your app development cost is based. If we say an estimated amount of development for an app like Tiktok it can end up somewhere between $50,000- $100,000 depending on all the things we have discussed here.

Remember your features and team could affect your app’s overall experience and cost. If you don’t have a big budget for now you can still develop the app and can update and add other features later as your app starts getting some recognition. Your marketing and advertising cost is also included in the development cost as your app won’t get millions of downloads if you don’t have a proper marketing strategy.