How Clubhouse App Became So popular among celebrities?

How Clubhouse App Became So popular among celebrities?
How Clubhouse App Became So popular among celebrities?

Clubhouse is one of those apps that became very popular in just a year. It’s not a cakewalk for a new app to find favour among users, and that too among celebrities. It’s always a very difficult journey for a new social channel like Clubhouse, Helo, or CoNnEcTd especially when giants such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter has penetrated so much.

A lot of you may be wondering about the app although, the app isn’t available in every country. Let’s find out how this app became so popular in such a short time.

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It’s available only on iOS 

Apple is a premium brand that uses iOS operating system. The app owners have deliberately made it available on the IOS, because it gives them a premium positioning. Moreover, there are more Android users than iPhone users worldwide, and the app plans to scale slowly gradually. At first, there were only 1,500 Clubhouse users, and they were allowed one only invite at a time. But even with such limitations, the app has now crossed over one million users

If you consider Twitter as the town square, Clubhouse is definitely the dinner table. According to Guardian Clubhouse is a way for people to socialize amid the corona pandemic. It’s a social networking channel based on audio chat. Besides, it’s also a part talkback radio, part Houseparty , and part conference call.



We all know how difficult was the pandemic last year, so the social aspect of the app is a given. This app is similar to the app Houseparty but at the same time it shares a lot of features with everyday Houseparty. It’s essentially a social channel in the purest sense. Therefore, using Clubhouse is almost like walking around a party, or an event. You can listen to conversations of celebrities, and if you find the conversation interesting, you can also join it. Also, no record of your conversation is saved on the Clubhouse. In a way, it’s actually a “drop in audio” that gives it a FOMO element.

Talkback Radio

It’s a beautiful feature that allows callers to ask questions about their favourite celebrities or, maybe confront someone they think as a good role model. Moreover, a lot of celebrities use this app that makes some outlets label the app as having a pretentious and clout-chasing atmosphere. They think the app is primarily developed for people who like to talk and miss having an audience, something like desperate celebrities who are actually lurking to be the fly-on-the-wall near interesting conversations. But, the reality is not as simple as that.

So, can you imagine an entrepreneur like Elon Musk, or a celebrity like Kevin Hart to get to have a conversation with thousands of people at the same time? Although, they might agree to give an interview to a magazine, or a popular TV channel, or address their fans directly through Instagram Live or Twitter, but Clubhouse offers them a unique platform to speak, and engage with fans and critics alike instantly.

Therefore, the app is like an instant, smaller avatar of iHeartRadio or the Breakfast Club. If these celebrities happen to walk past a Clubhouse room where they are the topic of discussion, they can easily join the room and take center stage themselves. They can also host and moderate their Q&A sessions, and bring out/interview guests of their choice. This is the real power of an app like Clubhouse. In a way, it’s a very dynamic platform that gives celebrities an excellent opportunity to engage with their fans, and associates. Here, everything is happening in real time. Celebrities love it, and so does their fans. It’s a win-win situation for both.