Google nearby share update|share files to many people at once

Google nearby share update
Now send one file to multiple users using Google nearby share latest feature.

We are seeing that our technology is getting enhanced day-by-day. Now a day internet plays an important role in developing technology and when we here about internet, we all get only one thing into our meeting minds, that is nothing other but google.

Google is the most used search engine or web browser in the world. Google has many tools and apps, which are widely used all over the world. In those apps, google nearby share is one of the app.

But many of we use other data sharing apps, because of many advantages over google nearby share. As reported by 9to5google, google is planning to bring a new feature to nearby share

The concept of this feature is like, you can share a file to multiple google nearby users at once. Sounds interesting, we already seen this feature in apple’s air drop. But, in nearby share you can able to disable or enable this option, whenever you want.

This feature can reduce your time, if you want to send a same file to many other, with this amazing feature you can easily send one file to many others at once.


However, the important thing to keep we should know is, others can send us files, when our mobile device screen is unlocked. According to the reports, this feature cannot send files to multiple users at once, but can send in a sequence.