Dark theme on google maps

Google maps New dark theme
Google maps new dark theme

Dark theme feature became popular. Every one loves dark theme, because It reduces the strain on eyes while you look into your mobile or any other devices screen.

Particularly it becomes very useful when you are working in a place where lights are turned off or else you are working at night, without switching on your lights. Reason behind it is your eyes get strained and you feel pain during you work.

At this situation the dark theme helps you in reducing the strain on your eyes, which results in successfully completing in your work and also this theme has another benifit that, it can reduce your battery consumption. This is also one reason behind using a dark theme.

Now-a-days almost every app comes with dark theme or night mode inbuilt with in it. Because dark theme become an essential feature for every app. Almost everyone loves this feature and everyone wish to see this feature in the apps and devices they use.

That’s is the reason why, google the biggest company, which is most used search in the world and it is so popular, even you ask anyone, what is net? They answer as “it is google”. That popular this search engine.


Google has introduced many apps and these apps and softwares made our live easy. In those, google maps is one of the best and useful app. Google maps is personally one of my favourite application. It helps alot in finding our destination.

Although google has updated google maps many times and each time they this app, we got to see many new features and now, they introduced a very google feature i.e., dark theme.

Yes! Now you can see dark theme option in the google maps app. The maps looks very google in dark theme. Regarding this update, Android has tweeted in twitter. So now you can google maps in dark mode.