Chinese apps|top 5 chinese apps banned in india

Top chinese apps banned in india
Top chinese apps banned in india

Intro :- 

Indian government has declared ban on 267 chinese apps in india and these so called chinese apps were also removed from Google Play Store.

In this banned chinese apps, there are some top used apps apps with millions of downloads also and also they are most famous and most downloaded by indians.

Top 5 chinese apps banned

According to me, these apps are the top among other chinese apps which are banned in india.

Note : you can scroll down to see the table of Banned apps with their alternatives.


Pubg(players unknown battle game) is a very popular battle royale game out there in playstore with a huge number of downloads and one of my favourite battle royale online game.

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This game is played by many big YouTuber. Some YouTuber also got famous playing this game. So, this is a big disappointing thing for gamers.

Pubg corporation also lost so much after declaring ban in india. Because india has a huge number of players who downloaded pubg. That’s the reason why pubg is trying their best to return india. Let’s see what happens.

Alternative :-


I don’t say, it is the best alternative for pubg, but this is a made in india game. With a decent graphics and the one thing I like the most about this game is, it is based on indian army.

We need to support this game. This game is getting better day by day and new modes are also getting introduced.

This can be an good alternative for pubg in my opinion.

2. TikTok

Most of the people who is reading this blog knows about tiktok,or you have definitely heared the name of tiktok somewhere.

This is a short video making app, where you can show your acting talent by making a short lenth video. This app got very populared among indian youth. This is a platform where you can get identified and can famous fastly and easily.

Whatever it may be, finally it is an chinese app and got banned in india. This app got banned twice. TikTok unbanned fastly after first ban. Like that, many tiktokers thought this is a temporary ban and many rumours got viral on social media.

Alternative :-


Doobido is an best alternative for tiktok. The special thing about this app is, it is made in India app. Try this app if your looking for an alternative of tiktok, this app is getting popular slowly.

3. Shareit

In earlier days we used to use bluetooth to send or receive files which takes a long time, even for a small files.

Later, recieving and sending files got very easy. You are able to transfer files easily and fastly. This all got possible because of an app called shareit.

Shareit is a chinese app, because of that reason it got banned in india. It used to be a very useful application for sharing or receiving files quickly.

Alternative :-

Share all

Share all is best alternative and a made in india application. There was no compromises made in this app when compared to shareit.

You can easily share any type of file using this app without using any cables. You can try this app

4. UC Browser

When it comes to our day to day, internet plays a very big role and it is very imagine a world without internet and technology. Our life would become very difficult.

For many people is everything, for example like bloggers, digital marketers, e.c.t.,

For surfing or browsing there are so many browser available in the playstore, but, if you ask anyone about what browser do you use for surfing internet, many of you would say “UC browser“.

It was a very famous and popular browsing app with a huge user. After banning this app, it became tough to think about other browsers. But, I got a best alternative app for you.

Alternative :-

Bharat Browser

Bharat Browser can be good option to go for, after the ban of uc browser. This is Indian app with huge number of downloads. You can for it.


5. Clash of Kings

There are many players are there all around the world, who loves much playing strategy games than action or any battle royale game.

Clash of Kings is one those most downloaded multiplayer strategy game in playstore. Unfortunately, it was a chinese developed game. That this game got banned, other than that,this is good game.

Alternative :-

Clash of Clans

This game is one of the most downloaded game, this game is not a alternative, it is many more times better than clash of kings game. There is no thing to say about this game, you all know about this game.

6. ES File Explorer

We all need a managing app through which we can easily find our requird files and to organise our files in an order, which can save our time and easy to accessible.

ES File Explorer is an app which is a very useful application to have in our mobile phones. This app has downloaded by many users. This also a chinese app and later got banned also.

Alternative :-

File Commander

File Commander is more popular and better application than es file explorer. This has a good interface and performs better than es file explorer. You can download this application using playstore.

Table of Banned apps with their alternatives

Banned appAlternative
ShareitShare all
UC BrowserBharat Browser
Clash of KingsClash of Clans
ES File ExplorerFile Commander

Conclusion :- 

These are some top 5 apps from the banned chinese apps lists and also I provided the best alternative for those banned applications also.