10 Best true wireless earbuds under 5000

Best true wireless earbuds under 5000
Best earbuds to buy under 5000

Hello, I know the reason, why you are here right now. You are here because you want to know the best noise earbuds to buy. In this article, iam not going to tell you the latest and best true wireless earbuds. Instead, I’ll show you some of the best selling earbuds of the famous brands like OnePlus, noise, Skullcandy, realme and many more.

This list will contain 10 best true wireless earbuds to buy under 5000. Which performs well according to their price range. You can also buy one for your self. If you are looking to buy earbuds from these companies.

Iam not going to mention all the specifications of these earbuds in this article. I will only show you some of their key features and I will also mention the pro and cons of these earbuds. I hope, you’ll get some idea on which best earbuds are best to buy. Without further delay, let’s get into our topic.

Best true wireless earbuds to buy under 5000

The below listed earbuds are some of the best true wireless earbuds under affordable prices. You can read their pro and cons and a detailed review.

1. OnePlus buds z


  • Best earbuds under low budget.
  • The playback time is upto 20 hours.
  • Easily gets paired with your smartphone.
  • Can be used for upto 3 hours in just 10 min of charging
  • Can control music or any other media in just of few taps.
  • dual microphone in each earbud.


  • Not so efficient in noise cancellation.


OnePlus buds are the best true wireless earbuds. There is no doubt in it. These are the package of many useful features. OnePlus is a famous company for many electronic gadgets. We get more features in these earbuds than we pay. That is reason why, these are are listed on the top of our list.

The case of these earbuds are made up of plastic, but it looks strong and beautiful. The case feels light weight. You have the branding of OnePlus on the front of the case. One LED is given to the case and you have a USB type C port at the back of the case. The cap of the case has magnets at the corner linings.

If you look into the earbuds, the stem of the earbuds are a bit long. These earbuds fits very comfortably into your ears, there will no issues with that. You don’t any pain in your ears, even if you wear these earbuds for some long time. When we talk about the noise cancellation of these earbuds, these earbuds are not that efficient in noise cancellation that’s a bit disappointment in these earbuds.

The control of these earbuds are very good, you can control any music or media on your very easily, with some fee taps. And these earbuds gets paired very fastly to your smartphone.

Surprisingly, these earbuds can be used for gaming also. You don’t face a much lag while you are using these while gaming. These earbuds are IPx4 rated earbuds. Means, you can wear these earbuds while you are running or exercising, your sweat doesn’t harm these earbuds. OnePlus claims that these earbuds can stand upto 20 hours on a single charge (case + earbuds).

Overall, these are the best earbuds to buy under the price of 5000. Definitely you’ll enjoy these earbuds.

2. Realme buds Air 2


  • Budget friendly earbuds.
  • Can run upto 2 hours with a 10 min charge.
  • Active noise cancellation enabled earbuds.
  • Good playback time(upto 25 hours).
  • Light weighted earbuds.
  • Can be fully controllable using the real link app.
  • Very good call quality.


  • There are no volume control gestures.
  • There is no “In-ear detection” is there.


Real buds Air 2, the name of these earbuds are very unique and these are probably a good earbuds to buy under 5000. The design of the case is like pebble. The case is not so wide. So, there will be issues to you, while you are carry the case within your pocket.

In the front of the case you have the branding of realme and obviously at the bottom of the case you’ll have the charging port. This case supports fast charging and has a USB type C port at the bottom the case. This case can be used for upto 2 hours in 10 min of charge. Which can become a good reason to buy these earbuds.

If you look at the earbuds, you will notice the stem of these earbuds, they are a quiet attractive. These earbuds feels very comfortable on wearing. Each earbud gives a playtime of 5 hours, if once charged completely.

The total playback time you’ll get is 25 hours (case + earbuds). The battery life of these earbuds are very good. These earbuds have one useful features i.e., ANC. ANC is nothing but active noise cancellation. This feature will helps a lot in reducing noise around you.

These earbuds undoubtedly a good choice for who wants to buy earbuds under 5000 with some good features.

3. Oppo enco w51


  • Good battery life.
  • Has ANC (Active noise cancellation).
  • Light in weight.
  • Triple mike. (One is for ANC and other for call quality).
  • Good bass.
  • Very good calling experience.
  • Budget-friendly earbuds.
  • In-ear detection feature.


  • Average battery life.


Oppo enco w51 has many rich features, that you can only get in high end earbuds. The case is made of high quality plastic. The case is square in shape and looks glossy. When you see on the front, you’ll get to see the oppo branding as usual. At the back of the case, you got the USB type C port for charging and a small LED light also. That means this case supports fast charging. The earbuds come in the case and a pairing is also provided in it.

The earbuds are very light in weight. They are light as much as 4g each. So, you don’t feel much pain, even if you wear for alot. There are three mikes given in each bud, one is for active noise cancellation and the other two are for serving a better calling.

It has a special sensor for detecting, whether you weared them or not. This means, you got “In-ear detection” feature also. These earbuds gets paired easily with your smartphone.

If you are a bass lover, then these earbuds are for you. You’ll definitely fall in love with these earbuds. You should enable the ANC (Active noise cancellation) manually. You can do that just by tapping twice on the touch sensitive controls.

The battery life is also good. These earbuds serves you upto 24 hours non-stop, with combined of both case and earbuds.

Finally, my opinion is, if you are a one who loves bass and searching for one which can helps you in reducing noise around you and want a better battery life. Then, this will be a perfect match for you.

4. Noise shots XO


  • The earbuds are metallic finished.
  •  These case including earbuds are portable.
  • These earbuds are powed by Qualcomm and has Qualcomm Aptx chipset.
  • The earbuds are IPx7 water resistant.
  • Has a USB type C port.
  • The combined weight of case and earbuds is very light.
  • The case has unique and attractive body design.
  • Provides upto 36 hours of playback time.
  • Earbuds gets easily fitted into ears.These earbuds supports siri and google assistant.


  • Price range is a bit high.
  • Not recommended for outdoor calling.


The second best noise earbuds according to our list is Noise Shots XO. The name these earbuds are very stylish and unique. If you look at the case, the case of these earbuds comes in a unique and stylish case. They used sliding mechanism in the case. The outer surface of the case is matte finish.

This can be charged with USB type C cable and can have upto 36 hours of playtime. Which is a very good thing. The earbuds comes with metallic Finish and also these earbuds are IPX 7 certified. That means you can use these earbuds while you are in rain.

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These earbuds looks very stylish and easily gets fit in ears, very comfortably. These earbuds has touch sensitive controls also. So, you can easily control music through this earbuds. But, the one thing I don’t like is, there is no indication of charging.

Overall, Noise Shots XO is great choice if you want to buy best earbuds under 5000.

5. Oppo enco w31



  • Perfect sound quality.
  • Enhanced bass mode.
  • IPX54 water and dust proof.
  • Slim body.
  • Good bluetooth connectivity.
  • Budget friendly earbuds.
  • Wear detection feature.
  • Light weighted earbuds.


  • You can feel a slight pain in your, if you wear them for a long time. This is not for. (According to some reviews).


Again we have a another earbuds from oppo. The oppo enco w51 are updated version of oppo enco w51. But these enco w31 are also quite amazing earbuds in the market.

The case of these earbuds are made of plastic and the is very slim. Even though, the case is made of plastic, you don’t know on seeing the case. It looks very premium. You’ll get the branding of oppo on the front of the case and a type c charging port on back.

The earbuds are also good in look. The drivers of these earbuds are average. The back of the stem of these earbuds are touch capacitive. So, you can control music or can change or switch to other with in some taps.

There is a one exciting and unique feature in these earbuds are, you can switch to “Enhanced bass mode”. When you tap twice on the left earbuds, you’ll get accessed to this feature. Which is a good feature, which I have seen.

These earbuds can be used for gaming also. You don’t experience any lag in sound while gaming. There is a very minimal latency in bluetooth which is you cannot recognise. So, you’ll have a good gaming experience with these earbuds.

The sound quality of these earbuds are quite amazing. There extra features also given to deliver a good sound quality to you. You’ll not face any issues while calling also.

Overall, these are very earbuds in average price range. You should definitely give them a try.

6. noise shots x5 pro



  • These earbuds are supported by QUALCOMM APTx.
  • The case of these earbuds has 2200 mAh of battery capacity.
  • Serves upto 150 hrs of playback time.
  • These earbuds are light weighted.
  • Have touch sensitive controls.
  • These earbuds are so handy.
  • You can use the case of these earbuds as power bank in emergency cases. Like, you can charge your smartphone.
  • Price is reasonable for these features.
  • The case has a USB type C port.
  • Get’s easily paired to your smartphone using bluetooth v5.0.
  • Earbuds are IPx7 water resistant.
  • Supports google assistant and siri.


  • A bit heavier (can be negligible).
  • No battery indicator.
  • It is a bit hard to carry in your pockets.
  • No In-ear detection sensor.


The top earbuds of our list is noise shots x5 pro. These are very good earbuds under a reasonable and affordable price. These earbuds Looks very attractive and stylish and also has many helpful features, that are very interesting and helpful to you while you are using these noise shots earbuds.

Let’s talk about the case of these earbuds first. The case is very very amazing. It has a extra ordinary feel. The combined weight of case and earbuds are 103 g. Which is a bit heavy. The case is little heavy, because it has a battery capacity of 2200 mAh.

Yes! It has 2200 mAh of battery capacity. This will be unbelievable thing. In front of the case, you’ll find the branding of noise and at back of the case, USB type C and a normal USB port is given. One is for charging the case and other is to charge any device or your smartphone.

So, this case can be a mini power bank and can also help you in any emergency situations. This is all about the case. Now, it’s time to talk about the earbuds.

These earbuds are so stylish and has touch sensitive controls on them and you can you can easily manage multimedia on your mobile using these touch sensitive controls. The charging points are provided at the back of these earbuds.

7. Skullcandy Sesh


  • Light weight.
  • Supports fast charging.
  • Supports Noise cancellation.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Good music and call quality.
  • IPx5 water resistant.


  • Average battery life.
  • Some lag while gaming.


Skullcandy Sesh are descent earbuds under a decent price. These earbuds performs very well, when we talk about the music. Especially the bass, the bass of these earbuds are very good. The earbuds comes under the case. The case is made of a good quality plastic. There is a button on the outside of the case and has a charging port and a battery indicator.

The battery life is given average. The total playback time of these earbuds are 10 hours. Which is something low, when compared to other earbuds we have out there. You will face some latency while gaming. So, these are not a good choice for playing games.

This supports fast charging. If you charge the case for 10 min, you can use these earbuds for 3 hrs. Which is I liked the most personally. These earbuds fits in your ears without any difficulty. These earbuds are IPX5 water resistant. So, you can wear these earbuds while running or performing any sort of exercises.

You can control these earbuds using the buttons provided on the earbuds. With fee taps you can control these earbuds. You will get to see noise cancellation feature also.

Overall, these earbuds can be choice for you, if you want to buy earbuds under 5000.

8. Noise Buds Play 


  • Budget-friendly earbuds.
  • Very lightweight earbuds.
  • These earbuds has noise cancellation feature.
  • The total playback time is upto 25 hours.
  • The case of these earbuds are very slim.
  • These earbuds gets fitted into ears very comfortably.
  • It has “In-ear detection” feature..
  • You can access to google assistant and siri.


  • These are IPX4 water resistant.

Noise Buds Play is another latest earbuds from noise company. These are another amazing earbuds from noise side. Coming into the looks of noise Buds Play. The case of the earbuds are slim and looks like pebble in shape.

The design of the case is very good and also matte finished outside. So, the feel will be awesome when you touch the case. As many earbuds of noise, the case of these earbuds will have a noise branding in front and at bottom you will get to see a USB type C port and at back of the case, there will be reset button. This is the overview of the case.

These earbuds has 3 colour variants and you can purchase them according to you. The case is a light weight. I.e., only 46 gm and has 450 mAh of battery. The playback time of this is 25 hrs, which can be one of the good reason to buy this earbuds. The built of the case is good and cap of the case is a magnetic one.

Let’s talk about earbuds. The buds looks pretty amazing with a glossy finish and has a unique design. The stem of these earbuds has a noise company design and has two mikes within each of them, which helps in having a better calling.

These earbuds has “In-ear detection” feature. These earbuds are very light weight and has bluetooth v5.0. that means you can use them under 10m of range. On one charge, these earbuds will serves you upto 5 hours of playtime. These earbuds has IPX4 water resistant.

So, these are some good features of these earbuds. These features makes this earbuds to fall under the category of best earbuds to buy under 5000.

9. Noise Buds Pop



  • Very light weighted earbuds and case.
  • 2. “In-ear detection” feature is available in these earbuds.
  • 3. The combined battery life of both case and earbuds are upto 30 hours.
  • 4. These earbuds comes with touch sensitive controls.
  • 5. These earbuds has noise cancellation feature.
  • 6. Budget friendly earbuds.
  • Supports both google assistant and siri.


  • The body of the case is made of plastic.
  • These earbuds are IPX4 resistant.

Noise Buds Pop earbuds were listed on 3rd position in our list. The body of the case is made of plastic. But, looks very premium and the case of this earbuds are very light in weight.

In the front of the case, you’ll get a noise company branding. Just above the branding there are some LED lights are given. At the bottom, there is type C port is available and at the back of the case, there will be a reset button. The is so simple, but looks very good.

Let’s talk about earbuds, these earbuds has a unique design. Inside it has a matte finish and outside of the bud, it has glossy finish. On the stem of the earbuds, there is a LED light and the size of the stem is a bit small. When compared to other earbuds. Which is a good thing.

You feel very comfortable on wearing these earbuds and you can easily use them for 5-6 hours. You don’t feel any pain. These earbuds connects very fastly to your smartphone through bluetooth.

The one feature that can attract one and that is “In-ear detection”. There is a sensor that will detect automatically when you insert earbuds into your ears. This is one most exciting feature in this earbuds.

The sound quality of these earbuds are very high for there price range. Especially, you’ll love the bass of this earbuds. These earbuds are touch sensitive, so you can control these earbuds with some simple taps.

The combined battery life of both case and earbuds are upto 30 hours. The Noise Buds Pop are available in 3 different variants. This earbud can be a best earbud under 5000.

10. Wings phantom



  • Gaming mode.
  • Good battery life.
  • Very minimal bluetooth latency.
  • Good calling experience.
  • Bluetooth v5.0.
  • Touch controls.
  • Type c, supports fast charging.
  • Mobile holder feature.


  • No ear detection sensors.
  • No active noise cancellation.


I listed this earbuds, just for gaming lovers. These earbuds are very good earbuds for gaming and I love playing games. The case of the earbuds looks good. By looking the we can say, these are gaming earbuds.

The case of the earbuds looks a bit bulky in size. It has a USB type C charging port at the back of the case. This case supports fast charging. The design of these earbuds are good and has a slightly long stem.

These earbuds has touch controls on the back of the earbuds and you can easily control the music with them. The special feature of these earbuds, that I personally liked is gaming mode. In this gaming mode, the bluetooth latency of the earbuds are reduced to less than 65ms, which is great.

The playback time of these earbuds is upto 20 hours. These are earbuds, you can purchase, if you are one who loves to play games and especially, if you are looking good gaming earbuds.


Finally, these are the best true wireless earbuds to buy under 5000. I hope, this article can help you in deciding, which earbuds are good to buy. In future also, we will review more earbuds like this. You can easily buy your favourite product easily just by on the link provided above.