List of best smart watch under 5000 in 2021

List of best smart watch under 5000
List of best smartwatch under 5000

In india, the trend of wearables are growing very fastly, everyone loves to wear electronic devices as wearables, like smart rings, earbuds, smart watches, e.c.t.,

In india, there is a huge demand for electronic wearables and particularly, there is a very huge demand for smartwatches. Smart watches are being launched heavily every month with some unique features and with unique looks and design, which are attracting people towards them.

Intro – best smart watch under 5000

Every month, smartwatches are being sold from online shopping websites. I know you are also one who are looking or planning to buy a good smartwatch. But, because of many smartwatches are available in market, people are being confused about which is the best watch to buy and is this watch worth buying.

Today Iam going to show you some best watches to buy under 5000. These watches are easily available to you and these watches are made by very trusted and popular brands in india. You can easily buy them directly through the links, that are provided below.

3 Best smart watch under 5000 with some details, buying links, reviews, prices

The watches below are the best smartwatches under 5000 to buy in 2021. Smartwatches with their specifications, buying links, reviews.


1. Noise ColorFit Pro 3

Obviously Noise ColorFit Pro 3 is the best smartwatch to buy under 5000. Noise is popular and famous wearables manufacturing brand in india. The noise is famous for it’s earbuds and smartwatches.

The price of this smartwatch is 4,499/- only. It has a big 1.55 inches and 14 types of sport modes. It has a really good battery life, it can run continuously for 10 day(as this company claims). The battery capacity is 210 mAh and there are also many other features are available in smartwatch.

This watch is available in market with 6 colour variants. They are jet black, jet blue, rose pink, rose Red, smoky green and smoky black. They have a very premium look and the strap provided for this watch is made of silicon.

We have already reviewed Noise ColorFit Pro 3. This is the best smart watch under 5000 to buy in the year 2021. If you want to read it’s full specifications you can read here Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch

2. Amazfit Bip U

The second best smart watch under 5000 in our list is Amazfit Bip U. Actually, this is not a latest smartwatch, this watch was made earlier, but because of it’s features and advantages, it took the second place on this list.

This smartwatch is made Amazfit brand, which is good brand. It has a 1.43 inch HD LCD display and the display is protected by 2.5D Gorilla glass. Which makes this watch stronger.

When compared to Noise ColorFit Pro 3, this watch has 60+ sports modes, where as in Noise ColorFit Pro 3 there are only 14 sports modes are available.

This smartwatch similar features like Noise ColorFit Pro 3, this watch has 5-ATM water resistant. That means, you’ll don’t face any issues even if you swim, wearing this watch.

This smartwatch has blood oxygen sensor, motion sensor, and many other basic features, that every smartwatch has. Weighs only 31g, which is very light and don’t feel any heaviness wearing this watch.

You can easily manage your messages and notifications within this smartwatch. So, you don’t have to take out your mobile from your pant pocket and check notifications. You easily connect this smartwatch to your smartphone using bluetooth. This watch has bluetooth v5.0.

This watch has above 350 nits of brightness, so, you can easily look into the screen without any difficulty. The price of this watch is 3,999. Which is very reasonable price for this watch for it’s features.

Overall this watch is a good watch, it 60+ sports modes, sensors for reading your heart rate, blood oxygen level, sleep quality, your motion, e.c.t., and also provides a good battery life. By all these features, we can easily take decision on buying.

 3. Realme watch s

We all know that realme is successful smartphone brand. But, do you know that realme also manufacture’s earbuds and smartwatches. I think many of you know but not all.

Realme watch s comes with very useful features and it can be a best smartwatch, if you are planning to buy a good smartwatch under 5000.

The realme watch S is good looking, stylish watch, with a 1.3 inch Standing screen display size with auto brightness enabled, that means this watch will adjust it’s screen brightness with respect to environmental conditions automatically and has more than 100 different and beautiful faces. You can change the face of this smartwatch very fastly and easily.

The dimensions of this smartwatch are 25.9 x 4.7 x 1.2 cm and weights around 73 grams. The case is built aluminium. that makes this looks so premium. You can easily remove the straps or bands and install with new one.

This smartwatch can be connected to your smartphone using realme link app. You can easily download this app through playstore. Using this app you can easily connect your smartwatch with your smart phone and can able to track all your activities within the realme link app very easily.

You can track your heart rate, motion, blood oxygen level, sleep quality and many more using this smartwatch and you also track your activities using 16 sports modes.

So, these are the best smart watches under 5000 in 2021.

Conclusion :

If you are confused about “what is the best smart watch under 5000”, then I hope this article helped you in deciding which smart is best to buy under 5000.