indian mobile company list 2021 – genuine indian Mobile companies list

indian mobile company
indian mobile company

When you ask about indian companies, other country’s mobiles will also takes the place in that list. So, there are mainly of 3 indian mobile company types are there.

They are:

  • Smartphones that are designed and manufactured in india.
  • Chinese mobile company brands with manufacturing facilities in india.
  • Other countries mobiles companies other than chinese.

These are 3 indian mobile companies divisions according to me.

Although, india has kept ban on chinese products. But also, iam mentioning them because, still there is a big demand in india for chinese mobiles. Because of there prices and the features they provide for the Indian low budget mobile users.

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Firstly, let’s talk about our indian mobile company brands.

12 Best indian mobile companies with small details:


Micromax is a well known, well established indian smartphone brand. It was started with a low budget and then grown to a biggest smartphone manufacturing and selling company in india and in those days it was also been in the best mobile company in india.

When the time getting changes, the technology of smartphones got advanced day-by-day.

Then micromax get downgraded and other smartphones got more popular with best features. It made a comeback also. but sadly, this was not that successful.

However, this company is famous for mobiles. But, this company also made TV’s, laptops, mobile accessories, air-conditioners and e.c.t., the manufacturing company and headquarters of this company is located in Gurgaon, haryana.


Reliance Jio LYF mobiles are one of the subordinate company of the jio, which is the biggest and famous telecom company in india.

The main intension of manufacturing these smartphones are, to make each everyone, who can’t afford a 4G smartphone can experience the 4G. They launched smartphones with cheap prices and planning furthur to launch laptops in cheap prices for students, which can help them in studies.

This company established in the year 2015 and the founder of this is mr. Mukesh Ambani. The headquarters is located in Mumbai.


Lava is also one of the largest Indian Mobile company. This company once raised to top in selling smartphones. But, there will be up’s and down’s in every success story. This became a successful in india and made so many comebacks. But, nothing worked out.

This indian mobile company makes smartphones, tabs, laptops and many other mobile accessories. The headquarters of this company is located in U.P. founded by Hari om rai.


This company makes smartphones, tablets. This was also a good indian Mobile company. But, the features provided in these mobiles were not so unique and attractive. Even though, this company made a huge production right in those days.

Sudhir Hasija & Pardeep Jain are the founders of this company. They started this company in the year 2009 and the headquarters are located in new delhi.


The chairman of CELKON mobiles are Y. Guru. This company was started back in 2009. This indian mobile company headquartered in Hyderabad, telangana. This company used produce smartphones, tablets, computers.


INTEX technologies was also a largest Indian Mobile company, which was found by Narendra Bansal in the year 1996. The headquarters of this company is located in new delhi.

This company not only sells smartphones, but also a huge range of other products also. Like TV’S, air conditioners, speakers, tables, earphones, and many other electronic gadgets.


IBALL MOBILES was launched in September 2001 by Anil Parasrampuria. This company exports electronic gadgets like smartphones, computer accessories, speakers, routers, tablets and many other electronic devices.


SPICE Mobiles was founded by mr. Bupendra kumar modi in the year 2000. The headquarters of this company is located in noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is one of the part of spice digital LTD, which is a big company and so, spice mobiles under india mobile company.


The swipe company is known for its tablets. This company selled many tablets and they launched their first tablet in the year 2012. The founder of the swipe is Mr. Shripal Gandhi. The headquarters is located in Singapore. But the operation are done in india.


SMARTRON is founded by Mr. Mahesh lingareddy along with the most famous and popular cricketer mr. Sachin Tendulkar in the year 2017. This company produces smartphones, electronic accessories, bikes, laptops, and many other products.


IKALL itself says that it is a indian mobile company in it’s official website, and was started in the year 1949. But the founder of this company is unknown. It sells smartphones, tables, electronic gadgets and devices through online.

12. XOLO

XOLO is a mobile brand of LAVA internationals, and it is known for manufacturing smartphones, laptops and tablets. This mobile brand was launched in the year 2012.


YU televentures is one of the part of the micromax infomatics Pvt Ltd. This was founded by rahul sharma in the year 2014. This brand launched smartphones, but, customers were unsatisfied with the quality and features of these smartphones and was failed.

These are some of the best indian mobile company list.

Now let’s see some of the chinese mobile brands with manufacturing facilities available in india.

Top 9 chinese mobile brands in india

These are the some of the top known chinese mobile brands in india, which sells a lot of smartphones in india.


Xiaomi is the biggest chinese smartphone phone brand in india. There are huge number of buyer, who buys smartphones that are manufactured by Xiaomi.

Xiaomi provides a good looking smartphones with lots of features in very affordable prices. Redmi smartphones are purchased by alot of smartphones users in india.

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It’s headquarters is located in china, but some have some manufacturing Companies in TN, andhrapradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

2. Oppo & realme, OnePlus, VIVO, IQOO

These 4 brands are also very famous and the smartphones of these companies performs very well. These brands are part of the BBQ electronics and it’s headquarters is located in china and it has some factories in noida, Uttar Pradesh.

3. Huawei

Huawei also a good smartphone company, but it is also a chinese company. The headquarters of this company is located in China and it has some factories in tamilnadu.

4. Lenovo

Lenovo is a famous smartphones and laptops company and it is a chinese company.

5. Motorola

Motorola is a very popular smartphone brand right from those days. Motorola is also a chinese smartphone brand. Actually, earlier it is an u.s. based. company, later this company was by lenovo.

These are some of the top chinese smartphone brands, which are famous in india and also comes under indian mobile company list. There are many other chinese brands also there, but these are top and well-known companies among them.

The another types of indian mobile company’s, that are other countries companies other than chinese.

Mobiles companies in india other than chinese companies


Many of you think that nokia is a indian mobile company, but it is firstly established in finnland. Later, it was bring out by HMD global it is also Finnish company.

The manufacturing of nokia mobiles are done by Foxconn( a Taiwanese company) in tamilnadu.


Samsung is world wide famous smartphone company and it has one of the largest smartphone consumers. Everyone has used samsung mobile in some point in his life. However, this is South Korean company and has some production companies in noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Google and apple

Google and apple, both are very famous and very successful companies in all over the world and everyone knows that these 2 companies are u.s. companies.


Sony is a japan company and this is also a successful smartphone company, this company sells other electronic gadgets also, like TV’s, speakers, laptops, and many more.


These both are Taiwan smartphone brands and has manufacturing Companies in A.P.

So, this is the indian mobile company list with some small details.


There are many mobiles available in the market with low price and offering a bunch of new features. But, when we talk about quality of that phones, they comes with a very bad quality and they get damaged fastly. That’s why many people goes for well established brands, because of the trust builded on them.

In this article, I listed and mentioned some details about best indian Mobile companies.