Benefits of Playing online cricket games

Online cricket games

The game of cricket hails from many hundred years back in England. Presently, the game is played all over the world. Some of the most cricket fanatic nations include Pakistan, Australia, India, Netherlands, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and Canada. Apart from pulling crowd on an international level, the game is also known for its quality to boost physical fitness, stamina, continuance, and deftness of players.

Interestingly, cricket has attained huge popularity in the online games segment where it holds the golden spot for mainstream web entertainment. Here are some of the benefits of playing cricket games online:

Outstanding Graphics

Players can enjoy the best standards of graphics while playing cricket online. No lagging or delays while plating game. Some of the games also display replay of the shots and ensure a realistic gaming experience. Almost all cricket games online offer excellent sound quality to allow players hear the noise as soon as the bat hits the ball. Players will get motivated with cheering from crowd after boundary gets hit or a wicket is taken.

Social Circles

With cricket games online, one can expect opportunities to create social circles. You will get chance to push social collaborations within existing associations. It isn’t easy to keep in contact with loved ones miles apart. Investing time by playing a round of cricket will be the best way.

Lockdown Entertainment

With pandemic spread across the globe and lockdown affecting people’s social life, playing cricket online is the best way to entertain oneself. The activity will also help you to get rid of anxiety and depressive thoughts which may make it to your mind due to restricted outdoor activities. The game offers amazing storylines and gripping mental tests to keep players engaged and help them relieve stress.


Easy Game Controls

Cricket games gave easy controls. A keyboard and/or mouse are all a player needs to play these games. One can attach joy stick as per their convenience. The games are absolutely free to play. Free cricket games online is the best way to keep oneself engaged. More than 500 cricket games are available online to play.

World Cricket Championship 2 – WCC2

This is deemed as the best cricket game online. It is replete with some amazing graphics much sought after fluid gameplay technicalities. The game allows players to play cricket in about 11 tournaments. These games are played between 18 international teams. There are 10 domestic teams playing across the best 42 stadiums.

Players are spoilt with a ton of customizations together with multiple modes to relish. The game allows you to play the best cricket shots such as the paddle sweep, Dil-scoop, Upper cut, paddle sweep, etc. Players can choose from 14 different bowling patterns to ensure a challenging batting experience.

Real Cricket 20

This is a magnificent upgraded version of the game. It covers option for customizing teams for players and ability to choose where to bowl. Additionally, the latest version comes loaded with a ton of features such as like stadiums, test cricket, time progression and a lot more.

Players can play shots in a different way which makes the whole cricket playing experience realistic. The game ensures the best wide-ranging gaming experience available online.

Big Bash Cricket

The online game is heavily inspired by KFC Big Bash League. It is a summer game and a domestic T-20 Australian tournament. Big Bash Cricket can be deemed as a close imitation of the actual game itself. This adds to the fun element of the game. There are eight teams players can choose. It ensures fantastic 360-degree ground experience to players. The best thing about this game is that one can play any shot possible in cricket. It also offers three different modes:

  • Challenge
  • Quick Match
  • Tournament

World of Cricket: World Cup 2019

This game is widely known for offering players the realistic experience. It is embedded with cheery comical graphics to add to the fun. World of cricket promises a huge variety of around 25 outstanding shots. Additionally, bowling lovers can benefit from a wide range of bowling actions. In case, you wish to get into details, this is not the best choice for you. It has some license issues. However, keeping the technicalities aside, the game offers loads of fun.

Stick Cricket Premier League

If you are looking for no complications, simple online cricket game to play, gameplay, this is just the right choice for you. All you need to do is stand at one place and hit shots. You simply need to play around with 2 optical buttons for shot selection.