The powerful software behind the InstaInfantry Bot provides users with an unprecedented level of control for managing thousands of accounts at once. The system enables you to remove spam accounts, ban unlimited accounts, chargeback systems, catch fraudsters, and more. 

In short, it provides a far more efficient way to manage your social media presence. This bot allows you to grow your audience organically via word-of-mouth alone with no caps on usage or paywalls. This approach is the freest and fair way to boost your social media presence. That’s not to it. Here are some more reasons.

InstaInfantry Bot Operates On Thousands Of Accounts Simultaneously

InstaInfantry Bot is an advanced, automated, and social media marketing and supporting tool. It can operate on thousands of accounts simultaneously and help you achieve better results within minutes. Unlike other bots that have been previously used, this one doesn’t crash or stop running in the middle of the day, thereby keeping your account active throughout the day.

No Need To Respond To Every Single Like And Comment  


InstaInfantry Bot is a simple and effective way for you to respond to every like, comment, and share on social media sites. The bot will also respond automatically to questions posted in the comments section. You can customize the comment according to your own liking! InstaInfantry bots will help you save hours every month by reducing the time it takes to Like and Comment on social sites.

Auto Respond To DMs

You’ve probably seen these in your favorite IG influencers pages, where you can see hundreds of DMs in a row. The InstaInfantry Bot automatically responds to any display screen name from the followers that are DMing them. In addition, it saves time for the influencers and takes out the stress of having to respond manually! This has been an ongoing project since July; we are finally ready for launch!

Send Scheduled Posts

InstaInfantry is a powerful and affordable automation service that allows you to schedule posts to your social account in just a few clicks. It’s super-fast, easy to use, flexible and scalable. With the help of the InstaInfantry bot, you can quickly create new posts on Instagram based on various conditions.

It allows you to schedule posts in advance and instantly shares them on your timeline with a single click. The best part is you don’t need to do anything manually. It works like a charm!