Stop doom scrolling with Black Friday savings on Headway Premium, now under $50


We all strive for professional and personal growth. But reading just one nonfiction book at a time to learn something new can be time-consuming. Want a way to learn new things in a fraction of the time? Then check out Headway Premium. Ahead of Black Friday, a lifetime subscription is now only $49.97 (reg. $299) until November 27.

Headway takes nonfiction bestsellers and condenses them into short, easily digestible summaries. Instead of spending hours on one title, you can just read or listen to 15-minute summaries to take away the author’s main concepts and ideas. From there, you decide whether the entire book is worth your time. If it’s not, you can move on to something else!

A summary on its own, of course, isn’t a good substitution for an entire book. But if you’re perusing several titles and aren’t sure which to read, Headway can help you choose the right one and save you time. 

To keep you motivated to learn, Headway offers widgets and streaks, and you’ll receive personalized, curated recommendations and relevant content depending on your interests. 

Get a head start on Black Friday when you grab a Headway Premium Lifetime Subscription for just $49.97 through November 27 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. No coupon is needed to score this exclusive deal!


Headway Premium: Lifetime Subscription – $49.97

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